December 3, 2023


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22 Small Business Ideas for Men in 2022

22 Small Business Ideas for Men in 2022

There are a lot of opportunities for men who are looking to start their own businesses and earn extra cash or gain financial freedom in 2022.

The business ideas for men in this article are some of the most promising opportunities available. We’ll talk about home inspection, event planning, and more. So if you’re thinking about becoming your own boss, read on!

What Kind of Business Can You Do as a Guy?

There are many profitable small business ideas for men. For example, men have a unique advantage in the business world because we are natural risk-takers and are more likely to start our own businesses.

You’re also in a better position to start a billion-dollar business because nearly all businesses worldwide were started by men.



22 Best Small Business Ideas for Men

Looking for profitable small business ideas for men? No matter your interests or skill level, there’s sure to be a business idea on this list that’s perfect for you to start your own successful business. Let’s check them out:

1. Home Inspection

One of the best small business ideas for men is doing home inspections. The demand for home inspector services is only going to grow as more people buy homes.

2. Pressure Washing Business

The second business idea on this list is offering pressure washing services. This is a great opportunity for men who are handy and enjoy working outdoors.

3. Barber or Salon Business

Barber shops and salons are great local businesses for men to start. If you’re looking to start your own business in this industry, choose a location with lots of foot traffic.

4. Landscaping Business

If you have a green thumb, then starting a landscaping business may be perfect for you. The startup investment is relatively low, making it a great option if you’re on a tight budget.

5. House Painting Business

Painting houses can be very profitable for men who are detail-oriented and have an eye for color.

6. Online Store

Starting an online store like an e-commerce business requires low investment and can be a great way to reach a global audience.

7. Personal Trainer

If you’re passionate about fitness, then starting a personal trainer business may be the perfect option for you. You can work from home or at a local gym.

8. Bakery or Catering Business

If you love food and enjoy making good money, then consider starting a restaurant business, bakery business, or catering business.

9. Home Repair and Improvement

Handyman services are in high demand, making home repair and improvement a great business for men. You can start this business with just a few tools.

10. Business Consultant

As a business consultant, you can help small businesses with start-ups, marketing, and financial planning. This is a great idea for men who are experts in their fields.

11. Cleaning Business

A great small business idea is the cleaning business. You can work with both residential and commercial customers. This type of business flourishes in areas with a high turnover rate, such as college towns.

12. Pet Sitting Business

Pet sitting is a great business for men who love animals. You can start this business by advertising your services online or through word-of-mouth.

13. Freelance Content Writing

Freelance writing is great for those men who enjoy writing, and want to get paid well, but don’t want the responsibility and hassle of starting their own website.

14. Photography Business

Photographers are always in demand. You can shoot headshots, weddings, or special events. You can even start a pet photography business.

15. Tailoring Business

As a tailor, you can offer your services to both men and women. This is a great business for those who are interested in fashion and have an eye for detail.

16. Tutoring Business

Are you great at certain subjects? If so, then you can start a tutoring business and help students improve their grades.

17. Dropshipping Business

There are countless successful small businesses that use the dropshipping business model to make lots of profits. It’s perfect for those who don’t have a lot of money to invest upfront.

18. Drone Business

This profitable business idea is perfect for those men who have an interest in technology and enjoy flying drones. It’s one of the best business ideas on this list.

19. Solar Business

This business is in high demand, due to the growing popularity of solar energy. You can install solar panels on homes and businesses.

20. Data Entry Business

This is a great home-based business idea for men who have good computer skills looking to earn money online. You can easily find clients online in need of your services.

21. Event Planning Business

If you enjoy planning events, then starting this business may be the perfect option for you. You can work with both corporate and private clients.

22. Corn Roasting

Corn roasting is a great low-cost business idea for men who enjoy working outdoors. You can start by setting up a booth at local festivals and fairs.

What are the 5 Most Successful Small Businesses?

If you want to increase your chances of success, there are five businesses in particular that you should consider.

  1. Restaurants. With a relatively low startup cost and a high potential for profitability, this is a great option for those looking to get their feet wet in the world of small business ownership.
  2. The retail business. Whether you’re selling clothes, books, or home goods, a retail store can be a great way to reach your target market.
  3. Service business. From personal trainers to dog walkers to wedding planners, starting a service-based business can be a great way to tap into a growing market.
  4. E-commerce business. With more and more consumers shopping online, this is an ideal option for those looking to reach a global audience.
  5. Franchise business. If you’re looking for an established brand and proven business model, franchising may be the right option for you.

How to Determine if a Small Business Idea is Profitable

A very crucial factor before starting any business is to make sure it’s a profitable small business idea. Here are four ways to determine if a business idea is profitable:

  • Research the market. Before you invest time and money into a business, it’s important to make sure there is a market for your product or service.
  • Know your costs. A key part of determining if a business is profitable is understanding both your start-up and your ongoing costs.
  • Understand your pricing strategy. For your business to be profitable, you need to charge enough to cover your costs and leave you with a profit.
  • Have a solid marketing strategy. You need to have a solid strategy in place to reach your target market and convince them to buy from you.

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