February 24, 2024


Supportive Business Potential

GM Defense takes business to foreign governments starting with Canada

GM Defense takes business to foreign governments starting with Canada

General Motors subsidiary GM Defense LLC is looking to do business with Canada.

In a statement Tuesday, GM Defense said it will start expanding, with the intent to deliver highly customized vehicles and other services to international military, security and government customers, with Canada being one of them. 

“GM’s world-class manufacturing and engineering resources in Canada make this collaboration a natural next step for expanding our global presence,” said Steve duMont, president of GM Defense, based in Washington, D.C.  “We have a seamless partnership with GM Canada that will enable us to deliver highly customized solutions to meet the unique requirements of Canadian defense and government customers.”

GM Defense's Infantry Squad Vehicle, a finalist for the U.S. Army in what would be a $155 million contract if GM Defense wins it. The vehicle was shot at GM Defense's Proving Grounds in Yuma, Ariz.

GM is investing $35 billion in electric vehicles and self-driving technology, which GM Defense can tap into for its military products, as it has done for U.S. government customers. Now, GM Defense is looking to Canada  to grow its government clientele, duMont said.

While the U.S. Defense Department’s tactical and combat vehicles are the most lucrative markets for GM Defense, it has long said it is also considering work with other government agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, and even foreign military.