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How can FIDOMETA Improve the Business World Through Metaverse?

How can FIDOMETA Improve the Business World Through Metaverse?

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 22, 2022 / With the business world switching to the Metaverse, the advancement of technology is quite prominent. Businesses have been in the running to join the Metaverse since it has been considered a new platform that is likely to be normalized and frequently used in the near future. Since its introduction in the recent past by Facebook, it has been said that Metaverse and virtual reality will take over the usual tasks and real-life routines once fully developed. This highly advanced technology encourages businesses to plan and execute a startup in the virtual world to grow their reach and get hyped within people.

FIDOMETA, Wednesday, April 20, 2022, Press release picture

FIDOMETA, Wednesday, April 20, 2022, Press release picture

However, what are the perks of this step, and how exactly is Metaverse bringing change to the business world?

Metaverse is entirely virtual, so artists and small-scale brands could have more exposure because people tend to visit the places more since it doesn’t need a physical presence. Hence their reach multiplies, and people are introduced to a variety of genres and tastes of each brand.

Vivid techs like increased reality (AR), augmented reality (VR), and expanded reality (XR) – alongside computerized reasoning – are as of now, eminently affecting corporate e-abilities preparation and improvement. Financial impacts incorporate conjectures that 23 million positions will be affected by VR and AR when 2030, possibly helping the worldwide economy by $1.5 trillion. These vivid innovations applied in the metaverse climate limit detach among hypotheses and practice.

How can FIDOMETA help?

FIDOMETA is a decentralized financial institution that eliminates the middlemen and helps businesses to maintain and improve their cash flows, market share, and credibility without depending on other brokerages or banks. It is the world’s first crypto project that aims to provide banking services in the Metaverse space. Unlike traditional Banking, a FIDOMETA user will be able to experience Banking in the virtual space with better and more advantages like being able to perform banking-related tasks from the comfort of their own home.

Where FIDOMETA Plays a Part.

FIDOMETA comes in when physical appearances become essential to completing a specific task. Sometimes certain limitations resist the physical interference in usual routines like strikes, environmental factors, or like the recent pandemic, where people were meant to isolate themselves to stay safe. However, to get done with a particular errand, the physical presence of an individual is necessary, like bank work.

To save us from physical contact during risky situations, FIDOMETA has introduced the facilities of getting that bank work done without actually falling victim to the hazardous factor.

In simple words, FIDOMETA’s job is to provide all essential banking facilities present in real-world banking to a virtual space. This also encourages additional lenders and buyers to form and extend their businesses in the virtual world. Basically, FIDOMETA gives startups or already established businesses a kickstart to work in the Metaverse. The general idea is to function exactly like the real-world banks with all the features and utilities available, making them slightly more advanced and accessible to audiences and clients.

What do they deal in?

Moreover, their business structure deals in cryptocurrency, which is known to be the next medium of exchange as it has been progressing vastly. Also, they accept deposits from their clients in crypto and promise fixed returns frequently.

FIDOMETA’s Services:


FIDOMETA Markets is an International Brokerage Firm servicing online trading on multi-asset classes. It leads with customized technology and personalized services tailored to meet the requirements of all levels of traders. FIDOMETA Markets is not limited to Forex trading only. It offers more than 200 instruments for trading on its FIDOMETA Markets platform. FIDOMETA Markets is a Multi-Asset Online Trading Platform, where you can trade Forex, Commodities, Metals, and Cryptos. Traders’ experience enhanced MT5 access, instant withdrawal, and deposit on this platform.

FIDOMETA Central Bank

FIDOMETA Central Bank makes regulations for the operation of other crypto projects that want to run their banks in the FIDOMETA Metaverse. All the other banks on the land of FIDOMETA Metaverse have to work under the instruction and regulations developed by the FIDOMETA Central Bank. FIDOMETA Virtual Central Bank controls the entire banking system in the FIDOMETA Metaverse. If any crypto project wants to use its land for creating a commercial banking institution, it will have to take permission from the FIDOMETA Central Bank.

FIDOMETA Virtual Bank

The FIDOMETA Virtual Bank functions just like a physical bank. The FIDOMETA Bank maintains the economy in the FIDOMETA Metaverse where users or token holders will be able to deposit Cryptocurrencies and earn fixed returns on their deposits. It provides users with the facilities of a physical bank in a virtual space and in addition to this it also aims at bringing together lenders and borrowers to conduct businesses in the virtual space.


With the help of the FIDOMETA Wallet app users will be able to make purchases and transactions in the Metaverse and will also be able to trade the FIDOMETA coin with the help of the Wallet. Users and token holders buy and sell products of the FIDOMETA Metaverse in a convenient and hassle-free manner. Another added advantage is that the users of the wallet can make transactions with near-zero network transaction fees. The wallet will also be used in the FIDOMETA Market where users can easily gain discounted prices for their market purchases.

FIDOMETA virtual University

A financial institution where clients are taught more basic complexities that revolve around crypto and banking in the metaverse. In the FIDOMETA Metaverse, a virtual university will also be set up where users will be allowed to take up academic and professional certification courses. In the case of academic courses like particular degrees, students will also be allowed to directly attempt exams without having to spend hours on classes or tutoring sessions. The FIDOMETA Virtual University will have courses and MOOCs in various fields like STEM science, liberal arts, Business, finance, etc.

CEO’s Message

“FIDOMETA has always been a transitional element for me. A transition from the real world and its physicalities to the virtual ones. The world is constantly evolving, constantly trying to lessen the efforts made by humanity to carry out a task, making everything easier so that it is accessible on a large scale to everyone.

FIDOMETA is a part of this journey. The world took a sharp turn when the Metaverse was introduced because this technology is so advanced that people haven’t had the exposure to it; here, we’re ensuring you that this transition towards a virtual world will be excellent because it lowers the percentile of risks and factors that affect our physical life.

FIDOMETA has a long way to go, but I’m proud of how far we have come as a team.”

Balamohan Krishnan


Overall, the big switch is yet to come, the Metaverse is still in the works, and people are already buying properties and starting business ventures as the metaverse updates. However, a lot of progress is expected in the near future, along with a significant change in the business world, with businesses running on both sides and gaining a higher exposure among people.

Moreover, the Metaverse is a huge step towards a higher percentage of success in a business sense because it benefits large companies, startups, and creators getting their deserved recognition.

The world and its boundaries are expanding, and we’re all excited to see what’s next.

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