April 13, 2024


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Sumner County high school students embark on business world journey with Amazon

Sumner County high school students embark on business world journey with Amazon

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — In a groundbreaking educational initiative, high school students in Sumner County are setting the stage for a future in the business world, thanks to a unique partnership between the local school district and Amazon.

This collaboration is aimed at equipping students with corporate-level certification and leadership skills that are applicable both today and in their future careers.

At the forefront of this innovative program is Merrol Hyde Magnet School, where students are translating classroom lessons into real-world applications.

Junior Gina Cruz explained the focus on practical skills, such as “eliminating waste and making processes more efficient,” which are central to the curriculum.

These students, mostly juniors and seniors, have achieved certification in Lean Six Sigma, a prestigious business methodology known for its effectiveness in enhancing productivity and reducing costs across various industries, from Fortune 500 companies to nonprofits.

Sumner County Schools holds the distinction of being the world’s first educational institution to partner with Amazon for the Lean Six Sigma certification program.

Amazon specialists have taken an active role in this educational venture by equipping Sumner County teachers with the necessary business tools to guide and mentor students in the principles and practices of Lean Six Sigma.

Courtney Givens, a business teacher at Merrol Hyde, said the development of crucial leadership skills through this program are invaluable across any industry.

Givens, inspired by the training received from Amazon, has successfully integrated Lean Six Sigma teachings into her curriculum, boasting a 99% pass rate for her first batch of yellow belt-certified students.

Mabel Shelton, a program manager at Amazon and an alumna of Merrol Hyde, highlighted the broader benefits of the program, stating that it not only enhances employability but also fosters better consumer awareness and personal development.

Shelton played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between Amazon’s resources and the school’s educational goals.

More than 130 students across Sumner County Schools having already earned their Lean Six Sigma certification, ready to explore diverse career paths with a competitive edge provided by their newfound skills.