January 27, 2023


Supportive Business Potential

There Is Unprecedented Emphasis On Ease Of Doing Business And Living In India PM

We have to provide new momentum and height to India’s success. Today India is the fastest-growing economy among the G-20 economies, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi while launching the Madhya Pradesh Startup Policy on Friday. 

He also said that India is the third-largest economy in the world. India is in the first place in terms of smartphones and data consumption and second in terms of Internet users. 

“India is at the second place in the global retail index, India is the third-largest energy consumer country of the world and the world’s third-largest consumer market is in India,” he said. 

Modi said that India has created a new record by doing merchandise exports worth 470 billion dollars this year. 

There is an unprecedented investment in the infrastructure. There is an unprecedented emphasis on ease of doing business as well as ease of living in India, he added. 

Modi mentioned that these facts make every Indian proud and generate a belief that India’s growth story will move forward with new energy in this decade.

“Our efforts in the Amrit Kaal will set the direction of the country and we will fulfil the aspirations of the country with our collective endeavour,” said the Prime Minister.