Unitranche Financing

Unitranche Project Finance Infrastructure

Unitranche Project Finance Infrastructure

Unitranche is a project development and management software. It was developed by SeneGence to assist offshore development and manufacturing companies in efficiently managing their projects. This project management tool is an application that provides project managers with the necessary information needed for a successful project development and management.

It provides a complete suite of solutions and features including project management, procurement, budgeting, accounting, technical solution development and IT project administration.

There are several advantages associated with using this software

One such advantage is its cost effectiveness. The software helps in cutting costs involved in managing projects and this ultimately results in higher returns on investments. Moreover, it also provides real-time visibility into the operational requirements of the project, thereby providing relevant information required for project success.

Other advantages include reduced risks and increased efficiency at project inception. This software helps in decision making associated with complex projects. Through a unique user interface, the user is able to visualize the entire infrastructure and related tasks and then make quick decisions pertaining to the overall development and management of the infrastructure.

This is a highly flexible project finance solution

The software provides complete project control over finance infrastructure. This is possible due to the fact that the Unitranche platform integrates with several popular finance packages such as Accra, ARM, Activa, FAP Turbo, GoLite, etc. With this, a company does not need to purchase these finance packages separately.

A variety of custom modules are available with the unitranche software for any kind of project requirements. For e.g., the software allows the project manager to view financial statements, vendor bills, project estimates, and other vital information. Moreover, it allows a company to customize the order entry process to take care of the details. All these features make it an ideal choice for large and complex projects.

On the other hand, there are various solutions that allow the company to manage its projects in a better and faster manner. These software packages act as project managers. Moreover, the software is available in different versions that can suit different levels of project organization. Thus, no matter what type of project is being managed, the software can be used effectively.

Management system for managing both small and large projects

The project finance infrastructure provided by the unitranche can handle projects ranging from small enterprises to large corporations. Also, the software is compatible with various project types. For example, it can be used for managing prototypes, pilot projects, business strategy projects and healthcare facilities. Thus, there is no dearth of application options for the users.

The various tools provided by the unitranche are highly customizable. This means that the software can be customized to meet the requirements of each and every project. Moreover, it ensures that the information provided by the software is updated frequently so that the users do not miss out any details or facts. The unitranche project finance software is thus capable of assisting the project managers in their task and ensuring success for the projects.

With the unitranche project finance tool, the project managers can derive various indicators including the cash flow, resource utilization, total cost of investment, working capital and so on. This enables the managers to monitor the performance of the project in a timely manner. Thus, this useful project finance software facilitates effective management of finances and operations in the organization.

Highly effective in enabling the organization to obtain accurate figures

The data obtained through the software tool is highly accurate and can be used for planning purposes as well. Moreover, the figures generated by the tool can also be used for project analysis and planning purposes.

Another important function performed by the project finance infrastructure is analyzing the financial viability of a proposed venture. This analysis is useful in finalizing a deal, finalizing financing option and so on. In addition, the structure of the loan package is largely dependent on the findings of the finance infrastructure. The project manager thus finds himself well-prepared when finalizing deals and finalizing the finances for projects.

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