February 23, 2024


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What is a Soft Launch or Soft Opening in Business, and Is it a Good Idea?

What is a Soft Launch or Soft Opening in Business, and Is it a Good Idea?

Starting a business is challenging, and brick & mortar businesses present a particular set of challenges. Most companies will have a grand opening where they open their doors to the public.


Some businesses will have a soft opening or launch a few weeks before their grand opening. A soft opening is a trial run of sorts, a miniature version of the grand opening.

A soft launch could also involve comprehensively presenting a particular product before introducing it to the market. Is a soft opening or launch a good idea? Let us find out. 


Create A Buzz

It is a disheartening experience to open the doors to a store or restaurant and barely have anyone visit the establishment. The same goes for launching a product that no one buys.

One of the benefits of a soft opening or launch is that it can help you create a buzz for the product or establishment. The first buyers of a product or early adopters are the ones who determine whether your product is valuable. They will spread the word if they deem it is, and many more will buy. The same goes for a restaurant or store opening. 



One of the main benefits of a soft launch or opening is preparation. When you open a business establishment, you don’t know what to expect until people start coming in or buying a product.

However, a soft opening can give you an idea of what to expect when you fully open a business or release a product. You hence have the chance to prepare various aspects such as your staff, especially in a restaurant.

The team can test their skills and see how customers can respond. You can find ways to improve and know what works. You can also test various business processes such as payment methods to ensure the grand opening goes according to plan.


A Soft Opening Lets You Figure Out Any Logistic Issues

Businesses often face various logistics issues, which are incredibly challenging to figure out in theory. Therefore a practice run such as a soft opening or launch can help businesses figure out logistics issues or any other issues affecting the supply chain.

You need to know the details of your operation when you prepare for a successful soft opening. In the case of a restaurant, there are many logistics issues to consider, such as the transportation of food ingredients, kitchenware, tableware, and beverages, among others. You also have to consider movement within the restaurant and ensure everything can arrive at its proper destination in time. 


Get Feedback

Another great benefit of a soft launch or opening is getting real-time and authentic feedback from customers. Though you may conduct market research, the answers you get during surveys or questionnaires are inferior to what you get when your business is operational.

You can provide your clients with actual comment cards where they can give you input on their experience. The best feedback will be the buzz they create and the reputation your business or product garners after the launch or opening. Honest feedback is the best way to improve your establishment or product for the grand opening or launch. 


Generate Revenue

Instead of waiting until the grand opening to start selling products, why not use a soft launch to make some money. Though you may only have a few people in the store or restaurant, you can make some money in preparation for the big opening.

The amount you make will depend on how significant the soft launch or opening is. A soft launch or opening is a good idea as it is a practice run of what to expect during a more significant launch or opening.

The above are some of the benefits you can gain from a soft launch or opening. It will ultimately be up to you to determine if a soft launch or opening is best for your product or business.