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Jack Newman, Founder of Austin Tennis Academy, and how He is Coaching Young Tennis Players for the Business World

Jack Newman, Founder of Austin Tennis Academy, and how He is Coaching Young Tennis Players for the Business World

AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / December 15, 2022 / A healthy mind and body contribute substantially to the pursuit of success and happiness in life. Regular exercise and regimented routines can enhance our efforts toward personal and professional excellence. Maintaining physical health and mental fitness is a challenge, considering the dedication and determination they require. In order to address this issue, Austin Tennis Academy provides a new learning environment combining both academic and athletic components into a single curriculum. The initiative intends to prepare students for college and for life by facilitating the infrastructure aimed at developing the necessary skills and inspiration required to become lifelong learners, compassionate leaders, and global change-makers.

ATA has been established on the belief that passion for pursuing excellence in life skills and in the sport of tennis produces exemplary results. The Academy is known primarily as a training program for junior tennis players who aspire to achieve excellence through tennis. Combining the academic and athletic components into a single curriculum, ATA seeks to develop a passion for learning. Students are provided with systematic and consistent athletic training along with high-quality academic education. This method intends to help students develop self-discipline, goal setting, planning, and resilience in a supportive environment aimed at equipping them for future life challenges. They are trained to compete with fellow players, ensuring a culture of sportsmanship, in order to cultivate the pursuit of excellence and foster freedom and personal accountability. The training programs at ATA are designed in such a way that fosters self-awareness, independence, and community involvement. The curriculum also seeks to enhance students’ academic and athletic skills in order to maximize their college opportunities and choices.

The story behind the establishment of ATA academy is inspiring. Jack Newman’s career as a tennis coach started rather coincidently. It was to fill a short gap between a job and going to graduate school that Jack started coaching students. Eventually, he started loving the process and decided to continue with that. His passion for preparing young generations with athletic excellence led to the foundation of his own academy. Instead of providing physical training out of the academic curriculum, Jack developed a comprehensive system in which students are provided with athletic training plans along with academic education. His extensive experience in coaching and training enabled him to develop an innovative approach to academic and athletic learning. Through his academy, he combined both components into a single system. Today, his academy has produced a number of successful individuals who excel as entrepreneurs and business leaders in their respective fields.

“Our mission is to help young athletes reach their full potential as tennis players and human beings. ATA strives to develop citizens of significance, not only of success. The entire ATA community – students, parents, and staff – is living the sport of tennis. We are dedicated to cultivating the strengths of an individual as well as exposing them to rich, thought-provoking experiences through community involvement and service”, says Jack Newman, CEO of Austin Tennis Academy.

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The tennis programs provided by the academy have been designed to cater to the specific requirements of players of different ages. Programs are designed under different categories like Academy, Junior Academy, Junior Development, Quickstart and tournaments. ATA’s full-time Academy program focuses on the overall development of students through group practice, fitness training, tournament trips, mental toughness training, and private lessons. Junior Academy is for players who are committed to competing in tennis. Students enrolled in this program are expected to commit to monthly tournaments as well as play Junior Team Tennis.

Junior Development focuses on players aged between 8 to 11, introducing them to competitive, tournament-level tennis play while developing the joy of competition. The focus is not only on the fundamentals but also on the strategy of the game. The program provides children with the opportunity to play with a strong peer group of players. The aim of the Quickstart program is to introduce the fundamentals of tennis along with athletic skills to children aged between 5 to 8.

Commenting on the faculty at the academy, Jack Newman says, “Our instructors are lifelong learners and passionate advocates of Socratic dialog, critical thinking, and problem-solving. They think on their feet, model a positive body-mind-spirit attitude, and implement creative methods to stimulate the learning process”

The Academy operates under the primary coach system, where the primary coach gives weekly lessons as well as gives guidance as to the tournament schedule and even the college process. ATA recommends that all Academy players keep a regular schedule of private lessons, ideally one per week. Furthermore, their Junior Development, Junior Academy, and Adults benefit from a regular schedule of private or semi-private lessons.

ATA College Prep (ATA CP) is an interdenominational, fully-accredited private school in which each member is empowered, encouraged, and engaged – mind, body, and spirit – in the practice of learning and living with integrity and compassion. Implementing Socratic dialog, performance-based applications, coaching and mentoring, and multi-age classrooms, ATA CP provides the foundations of liberal art and leadership education. ATA CP facilitates personalized programming for students aged between 12 to 19 aiming to maximize individual potential in athletics, academics, and character. The ATA community comprises a group of coaches, players, and parents dedicated to pursuing excellence in tennis and in life.

“Our students train to take their game to the highest level, be it college tennis or further, and become well-prepared for the challenges life and career may bring. The staff at the academy consistently develops student-athletes into top-ranked junior players and scholarship-ready collegians. Our programs seek to enhance students’ academic and athletic skills in order to maximize their college opportunities and choices”, Jack Newman added.

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Austin Tennis Academy is headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States, and was founded by Jack Newman. The academy has been recognized as one of the most reputed tennis academies in the United States.

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